Aspen Manor’s respite care is a beautiful method to provide care for a loved one.

Respite care is considered a short stay that lasts from one to several weeks. This is especially useful for caregivers since it gives them time to focus on their health and well-being. The break provides a regular caregiver time off for a well-deserved holiday whilst Aspen Manor takes care of everything. For example, in other emergency cases, patients post-operation can also use our respite care service for post-operation care.

Take a break from your routine:

A simple change of environment may be just what your loved one needs! Our award-winning interior designer has designed Aspen Manor with luxury and calm as core themes. Escape by taking in the breathtaking views our lovely gardens provide and revel in all the fun Aspen Manor has on offer.

Make new friends:

The increased social engagement is one of the most valuable components of a respite care break at Aspen Manor Care Home. A short respite break is an excellent opportunity to meet new people after spending the rest of one’s time with their caregiver. Our Railway Tavern is also a great place to meet new people while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine or beer!

Renew vigour:

A caregiver’s health is equally as crucial as the person they care for. When a caregiver is exhausted or anxious, the quality of care they can provide will likely suffer. After a respite care stay at Aspen Manor Care Home, your usual caregiver will return to their caring responsibilities with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Please call us at 01572 494770 to schedule a tour of the facilities and learn more about how we can assist your loved one in need of respite care.