The fine dining room at Aspen Manor Care Home is the crown jewel for food connoisseurs, featuring exquisite dishes crafted by our skilled chef, along with fabulous wine. Residents are welcome to bring their family and friends for supper or lunch, a special birthday or celebration, or simply because they want to. Our head chef can create a bespoke cuisine upon request. We are fully licensed to provide a fantastic wine range to complement the occasion. Who needs an excuse to spend quality time with family and friends?

One characteristic that distinguishes us from the competition is that we pay attention to our residents’ true desires rather than just their words. We want our residents to treat Aspen Manor as if it were their own home. Having enough space is to invite your pals over makes visiting hours invariably longer, more comfortable and enjoyable.

Private dining is included in the charge as part of our all-inclusive fee policy, subject to fair use and availability. To avoid disappointment, make a reservation as soon as possible and begin planning your menu with our chef. We want your essential occasions to be memorable and enjoyable!

Please contact us to schedule a visit or call us at 01572 494770.

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As much as we pride ourselves on being an outstanding care home in the heart of Oakham, we want to be innovative when it comes to our care. Special areas have been created, recognising the importance of our residents’ independence. Best of all, they are all accessible within the comfort of our four walls!


There is no need to travel to see your favourite movies anymore! We will show new movies and those old classics right here, in our exquisite cinema room at your request. We hold social events with all our residents here but can also be used when your friends and family come around.

Nail Bar & Hair Salon

Who needs an excuse to dandify? Our nail bar and hair salon will make sure that you look your best, providing haircuts and nail care for your loved one.

Gambel Oak Cafe

Filled with teas, coffees and your favourite snacks, the Gambel Oak Café along with our brilliant staff are ready to serve you.

Pine Lounge

Head on over to the Pine Lounge to socialise and relax in our gorgeous communal space. It is a great way to spend some time with your friends and often the meeting place for many of our social events and activities.